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Dog Identification

It is an unfortunate fact that the statistics for the number of dogs stolen each year are on the increase. There are also a huge number of dogs who become lost from their owners each year.

Dog identification can be so important. If your dog is lost, a tag is the perfect way to be able to reunite you and your pet. Or in the unthinkable event that your dog is stolen, a microchip could be essential in finding them and getting them back to you. These are also both regulated by law, so it is essential that all owners understand dog identification.

Control of dogs act 1992 -Under this law it is compulsory for all dogs in a public place, to wear a collar with a tag. A tag should contain the following information; house number and postcode, a contact phone number, and  name of either the dog, or the owner. You could also add “ I am chipped” to show that your dog is microchipped, which when scanned will contain all of your dogs, and your contact information.

Microchipping- Since April 6th 2016, it has also been compulsory by law to have your dog microchipped, and to keep this information up to date. This should be fitted by a trained professional, by the age of 8 weeks, and can be kept up to date online, whenever there is a change of owner, or a change in the owners contact details.

If your pet is found to not have either of these, or that they contain the incorrect information, you can now receive fines, so it is important for you to ensure your dog has all the correct identification


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  1. We use our name on our dogs tag and not his, so if he was stolen the thieves would not know his name and he hopefully wouldnt respond so well. Simple things!

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