Can you own a dog if you work full time?

Being Home with your dog 24/7 is an unrealistic reality, but is it possible to work full time, whilst owning a dog?

At Clever Canine School we say YES, it is possible. However, there are things to be considered first.

If you work full time you should be considerate of this when choosing the breed of dog for you. A dog that requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation probably isn’t going to be the best choice of dog. However, some breeds will happily be left for longer periods alone. Researching the breed, you intend to get beforehand, is the first step in making this possible.

Furthermore, wherever they’re left ensure they have plenty of fresh water to last, and are in a safe place where they can cause no harm. Because of this, crate training can be a great option for some dogs. Leaving plenty of toys for mental stimulation is a great idea, especially a Kong, which can be filled with yummy treats, keeping them entertained for hours.

Ultimately, It is always best to not leave your dogs for lengthy periods, and most dog charities recommend not leaving your dogs for more than 4 hours at a time. So, there are other options you may also consider. Doggy day care is like school for your dogs. They get walked, have constant stimulation and playtime with other doggy friends. This means that you can leave your dog in a safe environment where you won’t have to spend your day worrying about if they’re ok. This is the best option for puppies, who will require more attention. Another option would be a dog walker who will pop in and walk your dog for you during the day. This means that your dog isn’t left for a continuously prolonged period, and will enjoy a walk and fresh air during the day. Also, if you pick a good dog walker, your dog will really look forward to them coming! Could you also rope in a friend or family member to check on them for you?

If you work full time and want to get a rescue dog from a charity this still may be possible. Animal charities should look at your individual situation to determine your compatibility with a dog, as well as if you would provide one of the above options. They would then make the decision about whether they will allow you to rehome a dog from them. However, each charity is different, and may have differing outcomes.

We would never suggest leaving a dog alone for the whole time you are working, however if you can still make time to exercise, train and spend time with them, and the options above are considered, it can be possible to own a dog, and still work full time.




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