Reasons to pick up your dog poop

An estimate 8 million dogs produce 1000 tonnes of poop EVERYDAY in the UK; picking up after your dog is something every dog owner must do. Not only is it illegal not to pick-up after your dog, (and can result in hefty fines if caught not doing so), no one wants to see, let alone step in your dog’s poo! This blog is covers why you should be picking up your dog’s waste:

The Law:

The local council can give an on-the-spot fine if you don’t clean up after your dog. Refusing to pay can result in being taken to court and fined up to £1,000. The cost of the fine varies from council to council, and some councils can also fine for not carrying spare bags and a scoop.

Contrary to widespread belief, it is irrelevant if the dog you are walking does not belong to you. The responsibility is placed upon whoever is in charge of the dog at the time it goes to the toilet.

Registered blind dog owners cannot be fined.


Dog poo can carry diseases, which can even contaminate the soil around the waste, so diseases can easily be spread to other dogs as well as humans if they come into contact. Dog poo can also pollute water. Diseases that can spread include salmonella, E-coli, and the parvo virus. Dog poo can also contain Toxocariasis.

What is Toxocariasis?

Dogs that are not wormed regularly can also pass worms in their waste. The parasitic roundworm toxocara, more commonly found in the intestines of un-wormed dogs, and toxocara eggs can be passed through the dog’s stool and contaminate surrounding soil. This can then spread to other dogs and humans, particularly children, who have come into contact with the contaminated soil. Toxocariasis in humans can spread to the lungs, the brain and the eyes, causing blindness. On average there are 120 cases of infection each year. 

Spoiling the neighbourhood:

As well as smelling, and ruining the look of the environment, dog poo can also poison and spoil lawns and grass. Again, contrary to widespread belief, dog poop is not fertiliser like cow manure is. It will poison your garden if left, and runoff can make the surrounding area unsafe, which is unfair for the families of connecting gardens.

Picking up after your dog may not be glamourous but is an essential part of responsible dog ownership. Please ensure to always carry several bags on your walks, pick up after your pooches and dispose of waste properly. By doing so means abiding by the law, preventing diseases from spreading and keeping the community healthy!



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