Behaviour Consultancy

With pets, things don’t always go as well as we plan, and our expectation of the perfect pet-owner bond is not achieved. Behavioural problems often occur whether it be aggression, separation anxiety, or problems with constant barking, and can cause a strain on your relationship with your pet. This is where behaviour consultancy can help.

Sam is trained in animal behaviour, and can come to your house, to discuss the issues in depth. This allows her to create a program, that works for you, and carry out another visit to show you exactly how to use this program to eradicate the undesirable behaviour.

If you think this is something you and your dog could benefit from, contact Sam to discuss your options, and arrange a consultation.



Initial consultation: £30

Training Program: £100 (This includes being shown how to use all the methods, as well as one follow up consultation to see how you are getting on.)

Further Follow up consultations: £30