Puppy Play and Train

The first few months of your puppy’s life are the most important in terms of behavioural progress as its perceptions in later life will be based on their experiences gained during this time. Therefore, all dogs need a good start, and training should be positive from the outset. The puppy play and train programme is designed to help new puppies settle into your family and build the foundations for a well-behaved adolescent.

When starting our six-week puppy program, you will receive an advice booklet for you and your new puppy. This booklet coincides with the lesson content, and contains extra information on basic puppy care, with tips and tricks to get the best out of the program.

What does the Puppy Course contain?*
• Importance of being in control of your dog
• Not teaching ‘buzz’ words
• Sit
• Down
• Paw
• Wait
• Door manners
• Preventing play biting
• Controlled walking on a lead
• ‘Off’ command
• Recall
• Importance of socialisation
• Importance of brushing
• Accepting handling
• ‘Leave’ command
• How to prevent food guarding
• Importance of having insurance

*We will also include content that will benefit the class should you have any extra questions.
On the final lesson of the program a content recap and test shall occur. Once completed you and your puppy shall receive a completion certificate and gift.

Contact Sam to book yourself on to our course.