Silver Award

Our silver award is to advance on the skills learnt from the bronze award. Again, linking many previous skills together as well as teaching new skills and commands important in having a well controlled dog, as well as to prevent undesirable behaviours occurring in the future.

As with all of our classes you will receive a booklet, with advice and tips, looking at the contents that will be covered.

What does the silver award contain?

·         Road Walking- heeled walk, stop at road to cross

·         Controlled playing

·         Wait- owner out of site

·         Controlled walk with distractions

·         Leave it with bigger distractions

·         Examination- accept handling/grooming without dog reacting

·         Recall mid retrieve

·         Recall to own name.

·         Off lead controlled walk

·         Wait with distance

Information pack with:

·         A dogs needs

·         Signs of illness

·         Owner responsibility

·         Other Responsibilities

·         Health

·         Country code

·         Other important topics

In the final lesson, contents recap and a test shall occur. Upon completion of the silver award, you will receive a completion certificate and gift, and you and your dog can then progress onto the gold award.

Contact Sam to book yourself on to our course.