Ways to keep your dogs entertained indoors

Ways to keep your dogs entertained indoors

Boredom and lack of mental stimulation is probably the main cause of dogs ‘trouble making’, so here are some tips and ideas for keeping your dogs entertained indoors.

1)      Short training sessions

Short training sessions with your dogs are a great way to keep your dogs entertained, and a 5- 10 minute training session for your dog can prove to be more tiring than a walk, especially for younger dogs.

2)      Stuffed Kongs

Stuffed Kongs can be used whilst you are in, and whilst you are out. Stuff them with their favourite treats, keeping them entertained whilst they try to get them all out. Our favourite stuffing is peanut butter (make sure this is xylitol free, as xylitol is toxic to dogs)

3)      Find Games

Hiding treats around the room for them to find is a great way to keep them entertained whilst they sniff them all out. You can also amp this up, by hiding a treat when they are not looking, and adding in the ‘find’ command.

4)      Puzzle games

Puzzle balls and games are great to get your dog working for their food. These can be bought, or why not come up with your own ideas. Place treats under some cups, and have your dogs find out which one the treat is under, and how to tip them over to get the treat.

With the wintery weather coming our way we may find ourselves having to stay inside more , so with these ideas as inspiration we can keep our dogs busy, entertained and out of trouble.


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